Unconventional Saiyuki Pairings

It's not Penthouse Letters, but it could be.

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Like the manga and anime series Saiyuki? Getting a little sick of the fans cooing over Sanzo/Goku? Think Gojyo/Hakkai gets more than enough attention as it is? Getting an irresistable urge to see a little Kougaiji/Dokugakuji, Hakkai/Yaone, or Nii/Bunny?

Well, then... thank god you found this place.

It's not as if we don't like the Sanzo-ikkou, lord knows (Kanzeon Bosatsu knows?), we'd just like to see a little variation in our fandom. As Saiyuki gets more and more popular, the fandom swells... but it seems to be swelling so particularly, and characters with less screen or page time are getting left behind in Jiipu's dust. It wouldn't be all that disappointing, except that Minekura has created some very kick-butt minor characters who are getting deprived of the attention they rightly deserve. Some of these characters are just crying out to get their freak on with one another, and nobody's listening.

And that's just sad. Won't you help? Join this community. We aren't scary; we're just different.

Those Boring Rules

1. This is a community that focuses upon romantic and sexual pairings outside of Saiyuki's four main characters. Sanzo/Goku and Gojyo/Hakkai are not the topic of discussion here. Other Sanzo-ikkou couples are discouraged, but not completely unallowed... how many Hakkai/Goku fanstuffs are out there, after all? But if it's almost normal, then it'd better be damn good.

2. Feel free to share fan fiction, fan art, doujinshi scans and information, recommendations, advertisements, musings, and the like. Idle questions are kind of annoying, though, so if you're going to ask them, include actual content to suppliment. Please.

3. Lj-cut is your friend. Use it for long fiction entries, list-y things, and large pictures. If you don't know what an lj-cut is or how to use one, check out livejournal's FAQ on the subject.

4. Het, yaoi (slash), yuri (femmeslash), and plushie!love are all encouraged and welcome. Gen is acceptable, if the character is rare enough. There's no use in fighting over pairings, so don't even bother.

5. Some material posted or linked to may be of an adult nature. If you're under 18 years old (regardless of location), please use discretion when choosing what to view. Or, for Christ's sake, keep your age to yourself.

6. The moderator is drworm. He is never mean, only uncommonly witty and sarcastic. So witty and sarcastic, in fact, that he rarely makes much sense to others. Truly this is a sign of high achievement and possibly spiritual enlightenment. We hope. If you want to make him happy, you can supply him with Nii!sex and plenty of it.

Happy Saiyuki loving, in all its numerous possibilities!

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