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Hello, com! - Unconventional Saiyuki Pairings
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Subject:Hello, com!
Time:10:38 pm
Title: The Trouble With Threesomes
Author/Artist: [info]dragons_f_wolf
Pairing(s): Sanzo/Goku, Lirin
Rating: NC-17 for brief description of a three-way
Summary: Sanzo just wants some sleep
Notes: This story won't be for everyone. It's a short ficlet that grew out of an offhand remark during an rp session with a friend. I thought the idea was amusing and decided to write it up. It's meant to be humourous and nothing more. Thanks to my friend for being such a fun rp partner.

In the ongoing rp, Sanzo and Goku are very much in love, but they have an open relationship. Enter Lirin. Goku takes her virginity and the two become close friends. Poor Sanzo has to deal with the consequences of this, both good (kinky sex) and bad.


“That...is...IT!” Sanzo roared, getting up from the floor for the second time that night. He grabbed his fan from the nightstand and swatted first Goku's, then Lirin's head. Hard.

“Ouch! Hey, what's the big idea?” two voices whined in unison, and the vein in Sanzo's forehead began to throb.

“Is it breakfast time?” Goku asked, a question that earned him another smack with the fan. On his naked ass this time.

“Why are you hitting him, baldy?” Lirin demanded, hugging Goku's head to her bare breasts. The act brought a dreamy smile to the monkey's lips which only irritated Sanzo that much more.

“It's annoying as hell when you sleep with us, Lirin!” he snapped, ignoring it when she began pouting. “Goku alone is hard enough to sleep with. Both of you tossing and flopping around in your sleep is impossible, and I am sick of ending up on the fucking floor!”

Lirin's lip quivered, and she turned big, beautiful, sad eyes on him. “Do you want me to leave?”

Sanzo clenched his fists. “And where are you going to go in the middle of the night, idiot?” he asked. Not for anything would he admit that despite his annoyance he really didn't want her to leave. He had become fond of her since she and his lover had become friends...not to mention that Lirin was incredibly sexy all grown up.

Their friendship had also meant amazingly kinky sex whenever she visited. His mind filled with the images of what had happened before they went to sleep. Him buried balls deep in Goku's tight ass, fucking him hard and deep while watching Lirin suck his lover's cock, Goku going wild between them, hips pumping madly, crying out their names... Sanzo's manhood gave a twitch at the memory and he cursed again.

“You!” he said, pointing to Goku. “That side!

“You!” Pointing at Lirin. “That side!”

The two monkeys reluctantly separated and moved to opposite sides of the bed, allowing Sanzo to crawl between them. “Now go to sleep!” he snapped, closing his eyes and tossing his fan over Goku to land on the floor. Under cover of darkness, he smiled as both small bodies curled close to him. It felt good, Goku's firm ass pressed to his hip, Lirin's large breasts pushed against his arm. And at least this way he wouldn't end up on the floor again. He sighed, letting himself drift back into sleep.

”Oooof!” Sanzo bolted up in bed, his hands cupping his wounded balls, wondering briefly what the hell had happened. One look beside him answered the question. Lirin, still asleep, had crawled over him to lay on top of Goku. Her knee had caught him right in his nuts, and he didn't even have the energy to yell at her. Cursing under his breath, he lay back down. Well, she was sleeping on top of Goku, so maybe that would keep them from shoving him off the bed again. He should be safe. In just a few moments he was as deeply asleep as his annoying lover and his annoying lover's annoying friend.


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Time:2011-12-31 08:21 pm (UTC)
That was a lovely piece. Funny.
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Hello, com! - Unconventional Saiyuki Pairings
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