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[fic] And now for an interruption (plus some additional ficlets) - Unconventional Saiyuki Pairings
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Subject:[fic] And now for an interruption (plus some additional ficlets)
Time:11:21 pm

Title: And now for an interruption
Author: maiea
Beta: vyce870
Genre: Humour/Adventure/Life
Characters / Pairings: Sanzo/Kougaiji; Sanzo/Toki/Kougaiji
Rating: R (I think?)
Disclaimer: No infringement of any copyrights intended. All characters belong to Kazuya Minekura.
Notes: This is sort of a follow up to this fic but it's not absolutely necessary to read the previous fic to read this one. Yes, it's Bus Gamer Toki, so this is a Saiyuki/Bus Gamer crossover fic. However, this deviates a bit from Bus Gamer canon.


"Kaz, what are you doing? We should get going." The red-head commented. They had just finished their "game" and the blond was fiddling with an old computer panel that filled a wall in the dimly lit room they were in.

"Sorry Toki-san. I just wanted to undo some of the changes I made earlier. I don't want to leave the building's electricity in an overloaded state, it could be dangerous for anyone else who wanders in here." Kazuo explained.

"Fine. Make it quick." Toki wanted to get out of there. Something didn't *feel* right. He could see something was disturbing the magical network in the building, not that he could explain this to his two companions. That would raise questions he didn't want to answer.

Suddenly the flickering fluorescent lights above pulsed brightly for a split second before dimming to nothing.

A thick haze filled the room, and an acrid scent filled Toki's nostrils. He could hear choking noises from Nakajyo and Saito. He supposed the other two were having some difficulty breathing.

Toki fared slightly better. He was thankful for his youkai half as he squinted into the haze. The moonlight streaming in through twin open windows in the room provided the only illumination after the light bulbs blew. He could almost make out two figures amidst the fog. He noticed something else. The magical network was now in complete disarray.

Something went horribly wrong.

It took a few moments for the haze to clear, the breeze through the windows helping to clear the room.

Toki inhaled sharply as he recognized the silhouettes of the two people who appeared so suddenly. He immediately turned to Kazuo and grabbed the front of the younger man's clothes. "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!?"

Kazuo was taken aback, never seeing Toki in such a state of fury and panic before. Even Nakajyo was surprised at their teammate's behaviour.

"Ah... Toki-san." Kazuo began nervously, unsure himself of what happened.

It was then that the shorter of the pair that had shown up peered at the red-head and in a confused voice asked, "Toki? Is that you?!"

Team AAA all turned at that moment. The one who had spoken was a youkai, rarely spotted off the mainland these days. His hair was the same shade as Toki's. Next to the youkai stood a blond man clothed in a monk's robes.

Panic that Toki had never known filled him now. His parents, the priest, Genjyo Sanzo and the former Youkai King, Kougaiji stood before him. They had passed away centuries ago, leaving Toki to become the current Youkai King. But they were here. Now. His mind raced.

"Kazuo. What. the. fuck. did. you. do?" Toki once again ground out.

"I..I don't know Toki-san!" Kazuo exclaimed.

"FIND OUT." At that, Toki proceeded to move in front of Sanzo and Kougaiji. He spoke softly this time, in a voice that could barely be heard, "I'm sorry. I wish this was under better circumstances, but as you can probably tell, something went wrong."

Sanzo and Kougaiji only looked from each other to their son, and gave a nod of acknowledgement.

"Come with me." Toki motioned for his parents to follow. He paused briefly, scowled, and turned to Kazuo, "Call me the moment you find anything. And bring me the building plans."


"Well, that was interesting." Nobuto commented. "They seemed to know Toki, and didn't that youkai look a lot like him?"

Kazuo looked up, "He did. Same face, same hair. Do you think he's related to Toki somehow?"

"Who knows?"


Toki finally made it back to his apartment with Sanzo and Kougaiji in tow. He knew how conspicuous it was to be walking around with a monk and a youkai here in modern-day Tokyo, so he was just thankful that it was nighttime so that the three of them drew a few less stares than they would have in broad daylight.

A rare smile played on Toki's face as he pulled off his three silver earrings, setting them down into a small container by the door. His ears instantly transformed into pointed youkai ears, and his hands grew small claws. As he turned the lock on the door in place, he finally spoke. "It's... really good to see you two again."

"Well, we saw you just before we got here, whereever here is, but you were a lot smaller." Kougaiji grinned before pulling his son into a quick hug. Sanzo did the same soon after.

"How old was I when you two were suddenly pulled into this time?"

"About two years old." Sanzo stated. Toki looked slightly shocked, then furrowed his brow. "That means you've been pulled over 1000 years into the future."

"That's great." Sanzo said, the expression on his face clearly showing he felt the opposite.

The next half hour had Toki explaining what had happened that night. He had toyed briefly with the idea of filling in his parents about the past 1000 years but quickly realized that it was likely a bad idea, realizing potential timeline problems if he did. Sanzo and Kougaiji knew better than to ask anyway.

"You're the Youkai King now in this era, Toki?" Kougaiji finally queried, curiosity getting the better of him.

"Yes. But there are fewer matters to attend to in this age, the youkai are more integrated with humans." The reply was slightly evasive, but Toki didn't feel comfortable revealing too much. His youkai dad seemed happy enough with the answer though.

“Heir?” Kougaiji asked next, raising a questioning eyebrow.

“Yes. He's back at Houtou Castle for now. And unlike how I came into the world, I didn't have him through some freak accident.” Toki smirked. “I know it's a foreign concept to you two but I actually slept with a female.”

“Kouryuu. Our son seems to have inherited your sarcasm.” Kougaiji stated as he glanced over at Sanzo who was attempting to stifle a laugh.

Toki rolled his eyes. He decided to ask, "Hey do you want something to drink? Or eat?" He had realized it was pretty late and he himself was getting quite hungry.

"Tea." Sanzo answered.

"Whatever you have is fine." Kougaiji said next.

"Okay." Toki headed to the kitchen.


"This is pretty fucked up isn't it?" Sanzo asked.

"Yeah. Though, I am suspecting that we got pulled here because of me and because of Toki. Whatever messed up or fell out of place, the two of us would have acted as 'magical centres'" Kougaiji furrowed his brow in thought.

"And I got pulled along with you then?"

"Most likely since you were with me. I can't help but wonder if I'm partially responsible though. I remember watching Toki in the garden and thinking what he would be like grown up. Could my brain have unconsciously triggered this."

Sanzo raised one eyebrow.

“Being the Youkai King gives me, and Toki in this age, a lot of power. It takes a long time to master all this power, and as you know I've only been handling it for the past few years.” Kougaiji worried. He knew he didn't have enough mastery of his own power and of the magical network to right what had happened.

Sanzo found Kougaiji leaning on his shoulder, the youkai's pointed ear brushing his neck. He felt the need to comfort Kougaiji and so pulled his lover into an embrace.


"Hey Dads.. I've got..." Toki stopped at the scene before him. "GAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! Stop it!! Stop it! Idon'twanttoseemyparentsmakingout!!!"

Sanzo and Kougaiji broke apart from their kiss, both looking slightly amused at Toki's expression of horror.

As their son set down the tray of food and tea on the table before them, Sanzo asked, "Aren't you over a thousand years old now, Toki? You know how you were conceived don't you?" A smirk came over Sanzo's features. Uncharacteristically, he felt the need to tease his son.

"La la la. I am not listening!" Toki clamped his hands over his ears while blushing furiously. Kougaiji and Sanzo laughed but decided to let the incident slip.


"Uh. Sorry my place is kind of small.. I guess you two can take my bed. I'll sleep on the couch." Toki explained after they had finished their light meal. It was really late and he was tired.

"Sure." His human dad said.

"Just um. No sex on my bed please. I'll have to throw it out if you do." Toki shifted his eyes back and forth between his two dads.

"No sex? But do you know how often..." Toki didn't let his youkai dad finish before clamping his hands over his ears again. "Don't want to hear this!"


He suspected that his dads just wanted to torment him now. Or something. They kept *flirting* with each other, so he did the only thing he could think of to keep them from groping each other: he slept in between them on his bed. It was almost like how he used to climb into bed with them back when he was a kid in Houtou Castle a millennia ago. Except he was older than the two of them now. But hey, it worked. As he lay in bed, Toki couldn't remember the last time he felt so content and safe, both his dads embraced him in a hug as his eyes closed and sleep took over.


It was well past noon when Toki slowly began to regain consciousness. He felt a hand stroking one of his pointed ears and a taloned claw stroking his abdomen. He shot up.

"OHMYGOD! You two were groping me!!!" Toki exclaimed in horror as he bolted off the bed and clung to the wall at the foot of the bed.

"Huh?" Kougaiji was slowly blinking awake. Sanzo followed, sitting up groggily.

"Ewgross!Youtwoweregropingme!" Toki, still clinging to the wall, accused his dads by pointing a small taloned finger back and forth between them.

Sanzo and Kougaiji turned to look at each other, slightly horrified expressions on their faces. Synonymously they both uttered, "OOPS."

"We were half asleep. We wern't doing it on purpose." Sanzo tried to explain, face-palming, but Toki still had a look on his face that screamed he had been traumatized by the incident.

"Gah! Never mind. Ew. I'm going to take a shower. Ew." With that Toki stalked off to the bathroom, leaving Sanzo and Kougaiji alone for the moment.

"That was pretty bad." Kougaiji said after Toki disappeared into the bathroom.

"Tell me about it." Sanzo looked over at his lover. He knew that they both felt guilty, despite not being familiar with having their fully grown son sleep with them.

Kougaiji gave a small laugh then. “He's not going to ever let us live this down.”

Sanzo made an amused sound, "No, I don't suppose so. I assume he's old enough to get over it though."


When Toki exited the bathroom, he mumbled something about nymphomaniac fathers not being allowed to have sex in the shower before motioning to his dads that they could use it now. He wasn't even going to try to argue anymore about how the two of them shouldn't shower together, because they would. He just prayed that he wouldn't hear any disturbing sounds.

Toki knew he wasn't being very rational. Heck, he was older than they were now and he was no stranger to sex between males.. but it still squicked him because they were his PARENTS.

He prepared some breakfast while reviewing in his mind what had happened last night. Sleep had helped him process the events, or at least helped him think more clearly about the accident that sent his dads spiraling into the present.

Toki realized he should have recognized the disturbance in the magical network, it was similar to something he had seen in the past, back in when he was still in China, at one of the big temples. The disturbance indicated an excess of magical energy in the building. He wondered if the overloaded electrical systems somehow triggered the magical energy, and if his mind somehow unconsciously commanded his fathers to come from the past. He had been missing them terribly in the past few months, though they had passed away quite a long time ago. Toki slapped his forehead then, realizing he might have been partially responsible for the accident.


“Kou, should we be doing this?” Sanzo asked as the youkai moved to kneel in front of him in the shower.

“Just keep quiet. As long as Toki doesn't hear you, it'll be fine.” Kougaiji warned. The sight of a completely naked and wet Sanzo proved irresistible. A naked and wet Sanzo in such close quarters made him uncontrollably horny. Kougaiji trailed his claws down the monk's sides before moving to grasp Sanzo's hips.

Sanzo gave a quiet gasp as he felt a mouth encircling him, and a long youkai tongue teasing him. He attempted to find purchase on the slick tiled wall, afraid that his knees might give out.

Kougaiji twirled his tongue around the blond's cock before taking Sanzo in and sucking in earnest. He could tell the blond was close. Sanzo gave a few muffled grunts and it didn't take much longer before Kougaiji hungrily swallowed the monk's seed.

Leaning against the wall, Sanzo was breathing heavily when he felt the press of Kougaiji's chest against his body as the youkai slid up against him for a wanton kiss. The monk reached down between them and grasped Kougaiji's cock as he manoeuvred to capture the youkai between himself and the wall.


Toki sipped his tea while eying his dads suspiciously as they exited the bathroom. They took a long time in there, and while he didn't hear anything, he supposed they might have just made an effort to keep quiet. Actually he was pretty sure they did do something in there, they both looked too content to NOT have had sex in his bathroom. Toki made a mental note to bleach his shower later.

“Hey Dad...er, Dads. I got a call from Kazuo saying he has the building plans for me. I'm going to head out for a little while. Want to come with me, or stay here?” Toki asked as he offered his parents some breakfast.

Kougaiji looked to Sanzo before answering, “It might be interesting to see what this era is like, why not?”

“Okay.” Toki wandered to his closet and pulled out some of his clothes to lend his dads. “You two look kinda conspicuous though. Actually scratch that, you two look like a couple of hookers.”

His dads blinked in surprise. Sanzo asked, “We do?”

“Yes, you do. Without the robe, you're wearing that black thing that just screams rentboy, and you...” He pointed to his youkai dad, “Fishnet and low-rise pants?? Gah! You look like some sort of gay hustler.”

Sanzo turned and looked at Kougaiji. “Should we be offended, dear? Our son called us whores.”

Toki waved his arms, exasperated. “Look like! I said look like! No one dresses like that here if they want to look respectable.”


He had managed to convince his dads to cover up somewhat. His human dad took a hoodie and wore it over his black top while his youkai dad changed into a t-shirt and wore his extra set of power limiters when Toki explained that youkai were a lot less common in this country than back on the mainland.

Somehow though, he almost wished he told them to stay home. He did enjoy spending time with his parents, but it was also a bit embarrassing. The two were ridiculously fascinated by modern-day Tokyo and kept commenting on everyday things such as how the subway was an amazing invention and they were intrigued by the vending machines littering the city. To his eternal horror, one dad spotted lube in a vending machine and wanted to buy it with the excuse of wanting to see how it worked. He pulled his dad away from THAT particular machine and offered to buy him a beer from the adjacent vending machine instead.

After walking a little further, they finally reached the ramen place where Toki spotted his teammates at a table inside. He and his dads joined them at the table and they proceeded to pour over the building plans that Kazuo had laid out on the table beforehand.

After the group had placed their orders, Toki and Kougaiji proceeded to talk about things that made little sense to the other three at the table. Kazuo and Nobuto could swear the two red-heads were almost speaking a foreign language. While Sanzo recognized the subject matter – the magical network that brought him and Kougaiji here – he didn't really understand the technicalities the youkai and half youkai were talking about.

At a lull in the conversation, Kazuo asked Kougaiji, “You're a youkai right? How come you look human now?”

Kougaiji pointed to the three silver earrings adorning his left ear. “They're power limiters.”

“Eh?!” Kazuo exclaimed, “Those look just like the ones Toki-san is wearing...” Before Kazuo could continue, Nobuto kicked him under the table to silence their youngest team member. Toki face-palmed but said nothing.


“See you.” Toki casually waved goodbye to his teammates as he and his parents left the restaurant. The building plans clarified some things about what had happened the previous night. After studying the plans and discussing the flow of the magical network with his youkai dad, they had realized that the room in the building had a high concentration of magical energy and indeed an overloaded electrical system had triggered some sort of reaction that was unconsciously guided by the both of them.

They also realized the next optimal time to attempt to return to the past would be in three days time, so Toki instructed Kazuo to meet them there then, and attempt to overload the electrical systems again.


“Nobuto-san. Toki-san is a youkai isn't he?” The blond questioned his taller teammate.

“Seems like it.” Nobuto replied. “He'll never confirm it one way or another, though.”

“Because he doesn't want to talk about his personal life, I know. I can't help thinking he looks a lot like that other red-haired guy though. I really wonder if they're related.”

Nobuto only shrugged as he bid farewell to the blond.


Three days with his dads before attempting to send them back. Toki wasn't quite sure how he felt about that. On one hand, he was really glad to have them around, he had missed them a lot. On the other hand, he also wondered how he was going to survive another three days with them. Living with his parents back at Houtou Castle a millennia ago was nothing like this.

“Where are we going?” Sanzo asked.

“Uh. Oh.” Toki realized then that he was unconsciously wandering. “Hmm, I'm not sure. I guess I should show you two around, huh?”

The rest of the afternoon was spent sightseeing. Toki brought them to the usual tourist spots, and his human dad, understandably, seemed quite interested in seeing a couple of temples in the area. He kept commenting at how they differed from the ones he was familiar with.

Both his dads seemed quite taken aback at how large and crowded the city was. As night fell, the neon lights flickered on and his dads once again remarked how amazing the city was. They were also fascinated by the array of shops and restaurants. Toki knew then that all he had to do was take his dads shopping for the next two days and they'd be happy.

Which may again have been a mistake.

His youkai dad spotted a condom shop. “What are those Toki? Why do people wear those things over their...”

“You don't need them.” Toki cut him off and tugged on Kougaiji's arm, leading him away from the shop.

Sanzo stifled a grin. Their son appeared to be dissuading them from seeing anything sexual in nature.

“But Toki, what are they for?” Kougaiji pressed, genuinely curious as to their purpose.

Toki look at his dads, face reddening somewhat. He sighed and decided to just blurt it out to avoid any further questioning. “Birth control and to prevent diseases transmitted sexually.” Toki saw some confusion in his dads faces when he mentioned diseases. “They've become more prevalent in this age.”

“Ah.” Sanzo and Kougaiji said in unison.


Thankfully that night passed uneventfully. His dads seemed tired enough from all the walking they did that day that they spent little effort in attempting to grope each other. Toki made a mental note to have them walk further tomorrow.

He didn't want to take any chances though. Despite the trauma earlier that day, Toki decided to attempt sleeping between his dads again. He'd rather risk accidental groping than waking up to seeing his dads naked and screwing each other senseless.

Besides, while he was reluctant to admit it, he liked the comforting feeling of his dads arms around him when he slept.


Daylight filtered in through the shut blinds in the bedroom. Toki attempted to ignore it for as long as possible but he eventually drifted into consciousness. Momentarily, he felt confusion at being crowded on his bed, then he remembered. He forced his eyes open and looked from his left to his right. They were still asleep. And more importantly, they weren't groping him in his sleep.

With this knowledge, Toki decided he was in the best place in the world at the moment. He wanted to stay here for as long as possible, between his parents, so he decided to stay laying in bed. Sometime after that, Toki drifted back to sleep.

“Oi. Toki.” Sanzo stood over the side of the bed, tapping his son on the shoulder.

“Guh. Huh?” Toki sat up blearily and yawned. “Oh, hi Dad.”

Sanzo sat down on the edge of the bed. “It's past noon, so I figured I should wake you up.”

Kougaiji walked into the bedroom. “I also cooked some breakfast from what I could identify in your kitchen.”


Before he realized it, three days had passed. Toki thought back and surmised that the three days spent with his parents was a lot of fun.

With the exception of a couple of incidents such as accidentally seeing them fornicating in the bathroom in the middle of the night. That was something he would never be able to unsee. There was also that time when he momentarily lost them in the city, and upon realizing the presence of a sex shop a few paces back, found them there perusing the bondage equipment. He sincerely wanted to block that memory.

On the other hand, it was fun taking them to an amusement park and seeing them try cotton candy for the first time. It was also fun to bring them into an arcade and seeing his youkai dad quickly pick up the games. His human dad didn't seem to understand them though.

Most of all, he just really enjoyed their company. They reminisced about his birth and the first couple years of his life. He told them, in vague terms, about his reign as Youkai King, and about his family.


“Toki-san, I've made all the preparations you asked for.” Kazuo stated. Nakajyo was standing beside the bespectacled blond. While he wasn't needed, curiosity got the better of him so he silently observed his teammates and the other two people Toki knew.

Toki gave a nod and approached his parents. “I guess this is goodbye.” He gave a lopsided grin, not quite able to process his feelings at sending his dads back in time.

“Bye Toki.” Sanzo and Kougaiji said in reply, neither knowing exactly what to say to their grown son whom they had gotten to know in the past few days. Instead they opted to hug Toki instead.

“Are you ready Toki?” Kougaiji asked, pulling off the power limiters on his ear. As he did this, the youkai felt his full power swell within him.

“Yeah.” Toki mirrored his youkai dad's motions and similarly pulled off his power limiters. He could hear his teammates gasp somewhere in the background, but their reactions were unimportant at the moment.

Concentrating on the task at hand, both former and present Youkai Kings started to chant. They were attempting to bend the magical network to their will.

This time there was no foul smell, no smoke, just the brightest flash of light. It forced Toki to shut his eyes for fear of being blinded by the intensity. When he opened them, his parents were gone, as if they were never there.

He let a small smile escape his lips. Well, he thought, every thing's back the way it should be.


The end.


Afterword: Youkai kings and the ability to manipulate magic - I read a fic by KA Rose a while back where she came up with this idea that Youkai Kings basically had control over magic in the world. I ended up using that idea here to help explain time travel.


Okay, now for some random ficbits that take place during the above story that I wrote off the top of my head and are unbeta-ed...

"Toki, what are these for?" Kougaiji asked his son, holding out a small pair of earbuds at arms length.

"You listen to music on them." Toki replied offhandedly.

"How do you do that? And how can such small things play music?" Kougaiji continued to query Toki about the earbuds, holding one of the pair between his thumb and forefinger and examining it careully.

Toki gave an annoyed sigh. Why was it that the stupidest most inconsequential things in this century never fail to pique his youkai dad's interest? "You put them in your ears. Here." Toki showed Kougaiji how to insert the earbuds and powered on the attached mp3 player.

His dad's face clearly showed amazement at the device. Toki figured that would amuse him for a while and headed to the kitchen to make lunch.

A short while later, Kougaiji popped his head into the kitchen. "Toki, these things keep falling out of my ears."

He didn't even have to turn around. Toki unsuccessfully stifled a laugh. "They're made for *human* ears, dad."

"Toki, what's this?"

He wanted to remain in bed asleep, but he remembered his dads were around and likely poking
around in his apartment so he blearily cracked one eye open.

His youkai dad stood at the foot of his bed holding out his black sweater with the feathers.
Crap. "It's just a sweater, dad."

Kougaiji cocked an eyebrow. "It's very...gay."

If he wasn't still in bed he'd be facepalming. As it was, Toki opted to bury his face in his
pillow instead. He murmured, "I know."

Toki sat on his bed, brain still feeling fuzzy after his human dad had just woken him up. He needed a few minutes to collect his thoughts and gather the willpower to climb out of bed and NOT lie back down. That would lead to further sleeping.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw his human dad back in monk's robes curiously peering into his open closet, and then rifling through his clothes. He didn't know what was so interesting, personally, but he supposed modern day clothing was different enough to warrant the attention.

"Didn't you just lecture Kou and I yesterday about conspicuous clothing?" Sanzo asked, pulling out one outfit from the closet.

He looked up, a sinking feeling in his stomach. Yup. His human dad was holding up the black sleeveless mock-neck shirt.

"This looks a lot like..." Sanzo started but was interrupted as Toki snatched the shirt from his dad and hung it back into his closet.

"I know. I only bought it because it reminded me of you. Besides it doesn't really fit me that well." Toki mumbled, a bit embarrassed by his admission.

"Hmm." Sanzo continued then to look through the rest of his son's strange clothing much to Toki's frustration.
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Time:2009-02-03 10:03 pm (UTC)
just thought I'd say, I liked it, thank you for sharing! ^_^
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Time:2010-02-21 02:49 pm (UTC)
Awww, poor Toki, and yet he must secretly have been very pleased and just a little bit tearful over seeing them again after so long. Your Sanzo and Kougaiji amuse me to no end :) Great job!
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Time:2010-02-22 05:48 am (UTC)
LOL, thank you! =D
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[fic] And now for an interruption (plus some additional ficlets) - Unconventional Saiyuki Pairings
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